Ultra Heavy Capacity Robot Systems

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The Super Heavy Payload FANUC M-2000iA Robot has a payload capacity range of 900kg ‒ 2300kg

The wrist can be used safely in adverse environments because it has IP67-equivalent resistance to environmental conditions (dust and liquids).

Four models are available to meet a variety of applications.

  • FANUC Robot M-2000iA/1200
  • FANUC Robot M-2000iA/2300

These models can handle payloads up to 1200kg (1350kg option) and 2300kg, combined with a 3.7m reach and 4.6m vertical stroke.

They can be applied to handling heavy work pieces such as large castings and structures.

  • FANUC Robot M-2000iA/900L
  • FANUC Robot M-2000iA/1700L

These models have a long arm with 900kg and 1700kg payloads, and a 4.7m reach and 6.2m vertical stroke.

These models have a wide motion envelope and can be applied to lifting and handling large structures.